Text Box: FRANK H. PAULI, CPA (Texas)

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which consisted of 65+ nodes, 3 file servers and 10 print servers. Provided network access through direct connection and dial up remote access, as well as WAN links through T-1 and 56k digital communications lines. 

 Furnished support for 70 PC users at 3 locations. Established a PC training lab equipped with a computer, printer, VCR and other video training aids to allow self paced PC training. Coordinated outside PC training for all users.

 Installed and monitored the maintenance on Mojave’s telephone system, a Meridian SL/1 Option 21 PBX. Supported 100+ nodes, including digital and analog telephone instruments, modems and a paging system. Achieved voice and data communications by using digital and analog trunks linking Mojave with Pacific Bell, El Paso Natural Gas Company’s communications network and Kern River Gas Transportation Company’s communications network. 

 In addition to networking and telecommunications duties, assumed the duties of the Accounting Manager in 1993 when that position was unexpectedly vacated. Oversaw the day-to-day operations of the accounting staff, started a review of accounting procedures, and lead an effort to ensure accounting records accurately reflected the financial position of Mojave Pipeline Operating Company.

 Assumed the additional responsibilities of the Volume Accounting Manager in June, 1995. Responsible for the marketing, scheduling and accounting of 12 billion cubic feet of natural gas transportation per month and ensured shippers were accurately billed for $4,000,000 of transportation services per month. Coordinated the transition of the volume accounting and invoicing functions to EPNG for the restructured Mojave organization.
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